Rosenthal Hotel & Restaurant Service Today

Today the Rosenthal Hotel & Restaurant Service provides high quality sets, glass and cutlery collections from the brands Rosenthal Studio-Linie, Rosenthal Classic and Thomas. One of the most successful collections from the Hotel & Restaurant Service is the form “Epoque”, which creates a stylish and exclusive atmosphere with gloriously colourful decors by designers including Gianni Versace. Other designer forms from the household area such as “Cupola” by Mario Bellini, or “Polygon” by Tapio Wirkkala, have been adapted to meet the requirements of the gastronomic field and are today among the most successful Rosenthal hotel collections. For stylishly elegant, classical tabletop culture Rosenthal Hotel & Restaurant Service also supplies modified versions of the forms “Monbijou” and “Gracella” from the Rosenthal Classic collection. The hotel collections under the Thomas brand are available for a young, uncomplicated design approach with refreshing colours, particularly the “New Trend” set with its numerous accessories.

The Rosenthal Hotel & Restaurant Service has also offers exclusive logos and signets for individual customers. The most important clients at the end of the 20th century include among others, the “Tantris Restaurant” in Munich, the “Jagdhütte” in Bad Laasphe, a leading Wellness-Hotel, as well as the international hotel chains “Ritz Carlton” and “Hyatt”. Rosenthal Hotel & Restaurant Service has also equipped the restaurants in the recently renovated Berlin Parliament since 1999.

The Rosenthal Hotel & Restaurant Service Philosophy

The Rosenthal Hotel & Restaurant Service is positioned as a guarantor for elegant and sophisticated tabletop culture in the top international hotels and catering establishments. The Rosenthal name also stands for modern and elegant design in the gastronomic arena. The porcelain, glass and cutlery sets from the Rosenthal Hotel & Restaurant Service unite aesthetics and functionality. The product`s quality and well-conceived functionality are designed to meet the requirements of everyday usage in the gastronomy field. Individually managed, top-class restaurants and hotels both in Germany and abroad are the main target group for the Rosenthal Hotel & Restaurant Service.